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Blog for a back-end developer's portfolio?

Recently, I've noticed that most job postings require portfolios even if they're looking for back-end developers.
So I thought... maybe I should start creating a public GitHub account to use it as my portfolio as a Software Engineer.

But for me, it still doesn't make sense. I still need to make a front-end side for my back-end code and honestly, I'm not that good in front-end (no offense, Angular). I know a little Angular but I'm more interested on what happens on the back-end of every click of a user.

I saw a post somewhere (or was it a discord message? :think:) that maybe a blog will be a great portfolio for a back-end developer.

I'm no writer, and I'm not an expert at any language. This account is just made to document any random experience that I think would help other people in this community.

Thank you!

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Chad Thundercock

Well, I think portfolio is a web, glorified version of resume and more sample-oriented

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Mel Author

That is true! I just think creating a blog is like hitting two birds with one stone. I won’t have to create the front-end, and I get to share with others what I have learned. :)

But I guess what is really important is your experience. Blog could be somewhat your journal :)

Thank you for your comment!