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This day can not get any better. I have been selected for the role of Lead at Developer Student Club. I can now create a developer community at my university, which will be directly affiliated with Google. Isn’t it awesome!? 🥂
selection email


Developer Student Club (DSC) is a Google Developers program for university students. It is a Google community which is designed to help students build their mobile and web development skills and knowledge. It is led by the DSC Leads who are chosen by Google itself. This community is also intended to be a space for students to learn and collaborate as they solve real-world problems.

Up until last year, DSC was only limited to a handful of countries in Asia. This year for the first time, Google opened its DSC applications to all the young developers residing in Pakistan. Thus, presenting them with a great opportunity to become a part of Google’s ecosystem.


Being the DSC Lead of University of Engineering and Technology, I will be creating and then leading the Developer Student Club for the year 2019 to 2020. For making this community a success, I will be organizing workshops, teaching web and app development, enabling more students to become trainers and supporting them in conducting sessions. I will also make sure that any student who has a passion for becoming a developer can join this community despite his discipline.

These are some of my many responsibilities as a Lead. Because of DSC, I am hopeful that this year turns out to be a great experience not just for me but for you too. So, let’s see what this journey take us.


Assuming that you already know the benefits of joining a Google community, I will not go into details here. I will just highlight that by becoming a part of this incredible community; you will have the opportunity to

  • Grow your knowledge of developer technologies through peer to peer workshops and events.
  • Gain relevant industry experience by solving problems for local organizations with technology-based solutions
  • Showcase your prototypes and solutions to your local community and industry leader.
  • Use Google resources to create something which will make an impact on our society.

🙌 Wrapping up, I would like to thank my dear friend and university senior Saqib Ameen and my elder brother Ashar Irfan for helping me achieve this milestone. If it weren’t for them, I would probably never have carved my name in the first batch of DSC Student Leads from Pakistan. They have helped me during my DSC application more times than I can count. They are amazing developers, and I am fortunate to have such supporting individuals in my life.

Cheerios ✌


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habibcseju profile image

Hello, saad, nice writing. This is Habib from Bangladesh. I want to initiate DSC in BD, Can you share anything how can I proceed? Thanks

msaaddev profile image
Saad Irfan

Sure thing, Habib! Applications are open right now. Just head over to the Google Developers website. search for Developer Student Clubs & apply from there.

dreygur profile image
Rakibul Yeasin

I was also trying from the last year. And the program is not available for Bangladesh. 🔥

ankitaugale23 profile image
Ankita Ugale

In how many days you received a response for your application (for the first round)?

msaaddev profile image
Saad Irfan

It was around the deadline.

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ojeaga trust

hi saad, please when do you think DSC for 2020/2021 will start receiving notice of appointment ? thanks

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Saad Irfan

All the new Leads will get the confirmation email at the end of this month.