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Introducing: montyhallsim!

I am proud to announce that I have created my first Python package and uploaded it to PyPI. It's called montyhallsim, and it serves as a command-line interface for simulating the Monty Hall problem.

The package consists of only one Python module, so it's easy to copy the source code into a project. It also only occupies about 4 kilobytes of disk space, so it's not as big as compared to other Python command-line interface packages.

The current version of montyhallsim as of July 7, 2022 is v1.0.1. I am looking forward to having more contributors to work with, as I am unfortunately the only contributor on the montyhallsim GitHub repository right now. Hopefully, this post will make more people want to contribute to montyhallsim. 😔

The PyPI page for this project can be found here, and the GitHub repository for this project can be found here.

I want this Python package to become popular, as it is my very first one. I also think that it can sometimes be useful when you want to try a test scenario of the Monty Hall problem. I want it to become widely installed and used around the world both personally and commercially, making me famous.

Anyways, that's all for now, and I hope you guys like my project!

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