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Hackathon Experience

mrunankpawar profile image mrunankpawar ・1 min read

My MLH Hackathon Experience :
-> My first hackathon I attended was SharkHacks and to be honest was really very nervous, I did not submit any project for it but tried to attend Workshops & Mini-events and at the closing ceremony I got an idea in my mind how to submit the projects. In the upcoming weekends I started attending the Hackathons and also submitted the projects and published demo videos on YouTube. Currently as I'm writing this post I'm also participating in MLH LocalHackDay : Build which is a weeklong event and it's great fun here.

Why MLH?
-> Major League Hacking Events are mostly during the weekends. These hackathons are for everyone may it be a newbie programmer or a seasoned player.
So if you are thinking of having something to do this weekend then why not participate in a Hackathon? And not to forget the connect and exposure we get by participating and demoing our projects is just wow.
Because of these hackathons we are able to work and complete a project within the deadline.
Major League Hacking Hackathons aren't just about coding but they have some awesome mini-events as well in which you can chill and have fun.
MLH also has some awesome swags like stickers, tees, postcards,etc. for their participants and demoers. And who doesn't love to have swags!

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