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AWS Core Services - Networking

When you run an application using cloud, firstly you have to connect your resources to the cloud and then end-users will connect to your application.All of this comes under the concept of Networking. To understand how networking works on AWS, we have to understand how Amazon VPC works.

Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC
It is a private network space to launch your resources on cloud in order to run your application. Amazon VPC provides a logical isolation to your application. You can control the in-out traffic of Your Amazon VPC. You can also control the way you want to connect to other networks.
More than one VPCs can be launched from your AWS account. You can use those multiple VPCs to launch different workloads. You can also configure the way packets travel through the layers of your network.

Amazon Route 53

Route 53
Route 53 is a scalable domain name service (DNS).It has 3 functionalities namely domain registration, DNS routing and health checking. DNS service translates the domain names into IP Addresses. With the help of Route 53, you can purchase and manage the domain names and can also configure DNS settings. Route 53 provides you multiple routing options.

Amazon ELB

Elastic Load Balancer(ELB) is a DNS Service. It automatically distributes the incoming network traffic between multiple EC2 instances. It is single point of contact to your application. Because of ELB, the users do not need to be aware that how many machines your application is running on.

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