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Remove crapware unused magento 2 extensions

Yeah magento should focus in main core modules good for business and avoid bundle crap things

From my perspective i don't need unused modules
Here is the guide to allow you remove module from your magento 2 project based on composer

The Approach
It’s preferred to remove modules via composer. Add a block as follows to your composer.json file:

Update 2.3.4+

"replace": {
        "magento/module-authorizenet": "*",
        "magento/module-google-adwords": "*",
        "magento/module-send-friend": "*",
        "magento/module-signifyd": "*",
        "magento/module-bundle-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-catalog-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-catalog-inventory-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-catalog-url-rewrite-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-cms-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-cms-url-rewrite-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-inventory-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-configurable-product-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-customer-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-downloadable-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-eav-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-grouped-product-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-quote-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-store-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-swatches-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-tax-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-url-rewrite-graph-ql": "*",
        "magento/module-weee-graph-ql": "*",
        "temando/module-shipping-m2": "*",
        "dotmailer/dotmailer-magento2-extension": "*",
        "klarna/module-kp": "*",
        "klarna/module-ordermanagement": "*",
        "klarna/module-core": "*",
        "amzn/amazon-pay-sdk-php": "*",
        "amzn/amazon-pay-and-login-with-amazon-core-module": "*",
        "amzn/login-with-amazon-module": "*",
        "amzn/amazon-pay-module": "*",
        "vertex/module-tax": "*",
        "vertex/sdk": "*",
        "yotpo/magento2-module-yotpo-reviews": "*"

Update 2.2.0+

After modify composer.json
Run composer update

Run setup:upgrade

then run some basic magento commands like compilation or flush caches

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Rimsha Victor Gill

Thank you for sharing the guide on removing unused modules from Magento 2. It's important to focus on core modules that are essential for your business and avoid unnecessary ones. By utilizing Composer, you can easily remove specific modules from your project. This approach allows for better customization and optimization.

Thank you for sharing this valuable information and contributing to the Magento community!