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What has been your worst experience as a developer?

mrshawnhum profile image Shawn Humphreys ・1 min read

Describe your worst experience rather it is personal or professional as a developer/engineer. Maybe you were fixing a bug and something else crashes with no answers from Stacked Overflow to how to solve it.

I will start. I was fresh out of coding boot camp with my school project I have spent two weeks making that was ready to show employers. After I graduated, I forked my project to my GitHub and worked a minor bug on my server. After I deployed the site, the whole site crashed. I probably have spent a week trying to find out what went wrong before I gave up and decided to make a new web application to showcase other employers.

Have you been into a similar situation before? Maybe this will help others that might feel stressed out and alone or simply a good laugh while screaming, "Yep....been there before!".


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I was just learning programming. I wrote a line of code(can't remember what) but I know I forgot to put the semi-colon. I spent 1 hour debugging the code. I hadn't learnt how to debug so I just kept scanning the code with me eyes. Really stressful.


Yep! Definitely been there! As far as semi-colons go, I have been pretty spoiled with using Prettier extension. A little bit afraid of if an employer doesn't want me to use VS Code as text editor🀐


You can always install prettier locally in your package, and then write a script to format your code. prettier.io/

My favorite tool other than kite!


An employer should never limit the tools a dev wants to use.


The managers pushing the launch of the product for way too long, not understanding the impact of a bug and it's resolution, making each minor bug to feel like a mountain over our heads and changing designs multiple designs, before launch! Oh god, they feel like the only changes we need to do in a design change is changing hex codes in our code πŸ™„


"I am sure that is easy to do right?"


Hahaha exactly πŸ˜…


Tried building a website with my younger brother. He didn't like me using React or TailwindCSS in our project. He said that "I shouldn't use something that he doesn't understand". Is that something that I have to keep in mind when I start working professionally.


As my instructor puts it when I asked the same question to him about other devs using "var" instead of "let" or "const", "When in Rome, live like the Romans." Unfortunately, when you work with others, you have to adapt to how they run their code base especially early on as a junior dev(might be a different story when you are a senior).

However, when it comes to personal projects, I understand you are working with your brother, but unfortunately, you two would either need to agree on the technology to use and master it for the project or find other options for the project such as new partners aligned with your skills or working on the project yourself.

I will say that it is very cool that you have a brother that share the same interest as you! I came from a family that likes to farm and although I still enjoy it, I found my purpose outside of it vs my younger brother that couldn't tell you how to log "hello world". He is currently in college for agricultural management, so there are times we teach each other something new.


I'll keep that in mind.


Supporting IE11 is probably the worst experience that I ever had, professionally. I once broke prod because I used an arrow function in one of the decision branch of a feature. I can't even use webpack/babel/transpilers to help me out. I feel like I lost years of my life working in that setting.


I slowly been learning to adapt but sadly know the feeling