What are some ways to stand out to employers on your LinkedIn?

mrshawnhum profile image Shawn Humphreys ・1 min read

What is something unique you out on your LinkedIn to have your profile stand out to future employers/recruiters? Recruiters, feel free to put in your advice or stories that have gotten someone an interview or hired immediately.

One way I feel is important is using buzzwords for about me, bio, etc. When a recruiter/manager type in "React", "Dev-ops", or anything relating to your targeted career path, you want to be the first 5 people that they see with that search term.

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Another thing I feel is important is the featured tab. A good featured post about your projects or achievements could get you a phone call/email alone!


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I think publishing a few articles on LinkedIn is a great way to show more of who you are – more about your background, what you're passionate about, your knowledge/skill set, etc. 😊


I have slowly transition to this. I have always been taught to "use your GitHub like your Instagram, but don't use your LinkedIn like your Facebook", but I feel like sharing articles about your background, passions, or recent projects could definitely be valuable.

Thank you for this!