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5 Web Development Tools You Need in 2020

mrshawnhum profile image Shawn Humphreys ・2 min read

This list complies with tools that I have found useful during my time as a software engineer working with React/JavaScript. If anyone would like to share any tools I didn't mention, commend down below and I will either add them to this list or make a new list in the future. This list will exclude some tools that are most often mentioned in top tools for developers articles(ESLint, Prettier, etc.). I will also mention tools that can be used for any web developer and are not just catered to one framework such as React, Vue, etc.

Full Disclaimer - I do not receive any commission through any of these links.

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This tool is my personal favorite for daily use. Kite is an AI-powered coding assistant that automates the repetitive parts of programming. The current languages Kite supports is Python & JavaScript.

Checkout Kite by clicking here!



Full-featured, open-source Markdown editor based on PageDown, the Markdown library used by Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites. I use these tools a lot when I am writing ReadMes or my Dev articles

Checkout StackEdit by clicking here!



This tool I have recently started to use and so far I have enjoyed it. Responsively is a modified web browser that helps in responsive web development.

Checkout Responsively by clicking here!



Chart.js is a free and open-source tool for adding charts to your front-end web application. It supports eight types of charts including bar, line, linear, time-scale, and linear-scale. I used Chart.js for my COVID-19 project mentioned in my article.

This is a great way to add visualization to your application's data with less required CSS.

Checkout Chart.js by clicking here!

Public API List

API list

A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development. You can find any API for your next project here rather it is stock prices or NFL players' arrest history.

Checkout Any-API by clicking here!

Thank You

Thank you for checking out my favorite tools that I use for my production. I hope I have mentioned some tools you may not have heard of. Check out my profile to read some of my other articles from recent projects to watercooler talk. Let me know if there is a tool you enjoy!

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Editor guide

Beware that Kite does not work with Javascript if you use vim.


That is very weird as it is listed as one of the text editors that is available for Kite...I use VS Code, so it works perfectly fine for me, but might be something to raise a ticket to them about Vim


yeah, I just sent them an e-mail complaining.
It seems to be a great tool though.
It is one of the best ways we can use AI: to help us to be better.

Only the top of the iceberg on what AI can do for us developers!


Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely check it out! Would you mind sharing how useful has it been for you?


this one is more of a prediction :)

as web moves towards decentralised web // critically important.. we need new tools to build and construct new apps in that space.

dev is a friend of mine and shared this with me. :)


Dude, Responsively is really great. Probably just saved my company several hundred dollars a month on upgrading our Gigafox sub for dev tools.


It is a new tool for me and so far I really like it. Glad to see it is being used professionally!


Responsively. That is one I will definitely start using from today! Thanks!!!👽👽👽


Awesome! I am glad I found something new for you!


Please, I urge all beginners to not rely on boilerplate code and code generators. You need to write the repetitive code by hand at first so you can learn.