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Introducing the Slim Coder

mrsaeeddev profile image Saeed Ahmad ・2 min read

P.S : This post features the introduction of one of my fiends @viveksharmaui

Who Am I ?

As a full time software developer, I always had a thought of sharing my experiences either good or bad which I have gained during my learning phase.

I specifically wanted to share my perspectives, advice and struggles with my community members so that they can visualize my life.

Since, I have been working for 1 year in open source community, I have learned a lot being contributing in it. But, Now I want to introduce you all to the 2nd personality of my self namely, 'Slim coder'.

Who is 'Slim Coder' ?

You all might be wondering about this second personality.

Let me make it easier for you all.

Slim coder is an open source enthusiast. He's a person who loves to serve the tech community. He lives with the ambition to help others and will remain continue to help you, to motivate you and to make you believe in yourself that you can code too!

How to reach out?

Now, you might be wondering how to reach out Mr.'Slim Coder'?

So, You can easily connect with 'Slim Coder' though below mentioned platforms :

Stack overflow:
DEV Community:

If you want to listen to 'Slim Coder' talks and videos and would love to hear his advice to uplift your career then, don't forget to subscribe the channel; Your 'Slim Coder' is always here to help you.

Also, if you want to share your suggestions/recommendation or want to connect with Vivek; you can follow me on below mentioned platforms:

Facebook :
Instagram :
LinkedIn :
Twitter :

After you connect, You will get to know about the journey of Vivek as 'Slim Coder'.

And don't forget!

Many other things are on the way.

Are you coming to meet me on YouTube! See ya there.

Thank You for taking your time to read this.

Discussion (4)

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Slim Coder

Thank you for sharing this article !

mrsaeeddev profile image
Saeed Ahmad Author

You are welcome Vivek!

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Slim Coder


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