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Introduction to Data Science in 5 minutes

mrsaeeddev profile image Saeed Ahmad Updated on ・3 min read

Data Science is all about ‘data’ and ‘science’. Let us hack this!

Introduction to Data Science :

So, Data Science is a buzzword commonly used.

Job in this field is so much idealized. You may be hearing it in daily and professional life regularly and…

You aren’t pretty sure what’s all that data thing.


Let us dive into it!

Data Science !

For today, we are going to learn about the definition of data science.

What does it mean?

Data + Science = Data Science

So, Data Science is the study of ‘data’. Data is the raw information. You may call it the information which is unused.

When you are using science to study the behavior of that unused data, then you are doing ‘Data Science’.

In more technical way, we can say that Data Science is actually an approach to get insights from that messy and unused data.

If we define it step wise then, Data Science involves :

  • Storing and Collecting data
  • Cleaning and Exploring data
  • Visualizing Data
  • Preparing the data to be ready for implementation of machine learning models

You may have another question…

Where did it came from?

Pattern identification has been there for years

Data Science isn’t a new field. Identifying the patterns in the data through different statistical methods has been around for years.

Then… Why is everyone so over hyped about Data Science now?

There are three main reasons for that :

First one is availability of powerful computers which are in the reach of a common man now.

Second one is about large open source data sets which also made it easy for everyone to play with.

Third one, which I think is the availability of powerful packages and libraries for data manipulation which weren’t available 15 years ago like Pandas and NumPy in Python.

How it can help me?

Applications of Data Science can be found in every field

So, the part at which Data Science really shines is the identification of different patterns in data like purchasing behavior of human being. It may be helpful for an e-commerce store.

Or it may be driving behavior of a car driver. Traffic management authorities or ride hailing companies may be interested in knowing this to ensure safety of others.

Alongside this, there are many applications of Data Science in real world. Do google about them and you will come to know how Data Science is changing the world!

Conclusion :

Data Science is going to change the world. It is said that alongside this, there would be a great need for related talent. So, it will be really helpful for you if you start learning Data Science now.

Stay tuned for my next article !

Are you a beginner in Data Science?
Are you curious how Data Science can change the world?
Do you want to pursue a career in Data Science?

Do ask me. I am here to help you.

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How can data science help the world

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Hi @olahbohdeh .

I hope you are doing good.

Well, Data Science in general is already doing a lot to helping the companies in particular and people in general. You may have seen recommendations at E-commerce stores, Friend suggestions on Facebook, Google marketing campaigns etc, all are based on Data Science. There's a lot more which Data Science is doing.