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I fell through my bed the other day

I fell THROUGH my fucking bed the other day. It was already a tough day. A Saturday afternoon, that should be time to chill and decompress from a hectic workweek. But no, chores. And I did like every — laundry, cleaning my room, common areas, the fridge, bathroom. I went wild and washed everything. And after all of that, I was exhausted. I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before, either, which added to the whole lovely exhaustive moment I marinated myself in. I needed to lay down. So I did. And it did not end well, at first.

I’m a minimalist. My bed isn’t extravagant. It’s simple, easy to move around, and is more comfortable than the floor. Good enough for me. It’s one of those cheap single IKEA beds with the wooden strips that go across the frame. The wood is quite flexible, so it has a nice bounce to it. But over time, the wood starts to bend, and the bed sinks in. it’s not as comfortable anymore, but a new bed isn’t the biggest priority at the moment. The focus at the time was to lay down and enjoy a moment of uninterrupted rest after a long week. I was so exhausted I let myself fall to the bed with a bit more force than usual. As soon as I hit the bed, half the wood planks slipped out from their plastic sockets, which held them in place, and I plummeted to the floor.

Half my bed is now on the floor below the frame. My legs were hanging over the bed frame like some clothes waiting to dry. And I’m sitting there as if I was kicking back in my favorite La-Z-Boy chair, wondering what exactly I did to deserve this. But I didn’t think about that too long because I just started laughing. After all the work I did, I couldn’t believe all I needed was a bit of support from my bed, and even that gave up on me. Usually, I would get quite upset. It might even ruin my afternoon. But today it didn’t

I laughed at it.

I sat there for a bit to enjoy this new view I’ve never had the opportunity to take in before, and then I got up to survey the damage. Thoughts of buying a new bed were swirling my mind, but I wanted to avoid that. I DID NOT NEED MORE STRESS IN THIS MOMENT, BUT LIFE WANTED TO SERVE IT UP TO ME ON THIS DAY. Or did it? When I looked around at the situation’s results, I noticed nothing had broken, which was good. That’s when I saw how bent the wood planks had become, which made it very easy for them to slide out of their plastic sockets.

Then I had an idea - rotate the bent planks so that the bend protruded up instead of down. It took a bit of work to bend the planks for enough to slide into place, and I was nervous. I thought I was going to break the plastic, but it worked! I put them all into place and got the mattress back on top, which allowed me to enjoy some rest finally—even better rest than I had expected.

Now that the planks were bending up instead of down, they provided much better support than before. I never even thought to try rotating them, and the fall is what triggered me to have the thought. What I believed to be the worst thing that could happen at the moment became a callout for an opportunity I didn’t even know was right under me all along.

In times past, I may have gotten furious and threw everything out the window. Okay, maybe not that bad, but It may have bothered me so much I would have missed the new opportunity that was right in front of me. Staying calm and evaluating the situation led to a better outcome than I had expected despite it happening at the worst possible time. I still need a new bed, but I managed to get even better support, better rest, and on top of it, a good laugh.

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