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Battle Nation Live

Battle Nation Live is a discord variety show bot that I wrote a few years ago. It was the first real discord bot that I built. I was using Discord.js, and the code is atrocious. But it still works! And I’ve set it up to run on the MrPowerScripts discord server so that people can try it out any time.

Battle Nation Live Overview

You can get the quickest overview of how it works by checking out, the original website.

How does Battle Nation Live work

So how does the bot work? Join “The Show” voice channel and then run the!signup command, which adds you to the queue for the show. Once it is your turn, you will automatically get the “Live” discord role, which allows you to use the mic.

Everyone else remains muted, and it’s your turn to shine! Except there’s one catch. Everyone else gets to vote on whether you get to keep the mic or not using emoji during the performance. If you lose the vote at the end of the round, it goes to the next person! Rounds last 15 seconds, so you need to keep everyone entertained if you want to keep the mic.

And this whole process of users signing up, changing the role of who can use the mic, rotating people through the queue., and doing the emoji vote counts are managed by the bot. It’s pretty neat. I like to think of it as American Idol for discord, or some other singing or variety contest. Americas Got Talent for discord? I don’t know I never really watched those shows. But it’s possible to have these kinds of contests on discord as well!

Battle Nation Live source code

The code is super terrible. I was learning a lot of stuff about node and js at the time, as I still am. But I’m going to share it anyway.

And if you want to test your skills, joins the MrPowerScripts Discord server ( where the bot is running 24/7. You can always hop on the mic at the Battle Nation Live show. lol I should never be allowed to name things.

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