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150 Days Learning Python - Day 1

It was early in the morning, my usual time of arranging my activities for the day and scheduling up the necessary tutorials and courses that I’d take for the day. Usual notifications, alerts, pop-ups, messages, many of the usuals that happen in the everyday life of an ever-learning developer. I was done with the scheduling (I usually prefer doing this with paper and pen, even though I am a Software Developer. 🤗 Yes, I know). I picked my phone to attend to some of these messages, a few from the team, from slack, and then a popup; the popup that change the course of my diving into Truly Understanding Python and Coding with it.

It was a notification update for a Django course by Dennis Ivy on the FreeCodeCamp YouTube Channel. (Link in the description). 🤗 As always, I simply added it to save to watch later but I felt pricked to go back and watch it. Two hours later, I came back to my Email, search for the link again, and saw, clicked on the link to open 7 hours plus course tutorial. Seven hours plus? Of course, this would take not less than 18 – 22 hours to implement, looking at the fact that I am yet to even have a deep rooting in python before implementing a project with Django. Thirty minutes into this, I was like, wow! Do you mean Django can do this? Do you mean python? I was bewildered!

I remembered a conversation I had with a good friend of mine and a senior software developer on how it will be important that I look into other programming languages since I was then well grounded in one. I refused, skepticism never let me, until now, and that conversation hit.

Right before now, I have always been so inquisitive about how I can expand my horizon of understanding and implementation of programmable solutions with other high-level programming languages without diving into Java (😢). However, I had not developed anything serious using the python language until that moment.

I paused the video, about forty-five minutes in, after understanding within myself that to really get the best out of this course tutorial for myself and even my clients, I did need to ground myself on truly understanding the python language’s fundamentals: syntax, data types, functions, packages, working with APIs, developing applications, it’s pros and cons, etc. Then and there, I picked it up as a challenging journey to understand and begin coding-in-python in 30 days.

Starting from the crash, I began with a course tutorial by Tech Nana on Python Programming language. Alongside one of the recommended books, amongst others, for learning the python language. It was Head-First Python – A Brain-Friendly Guide by Paul Barry.

Updates coming...

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