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How do I found out who created a website?

Finding out who created a website can be a bit challenging, as website ownership and authorship are not always publicly disclosed. However, you can try the following methods to determine the creator or owner of a website:

  1. Check the Website's "About" Page:
  2. Many websites have an "About Us" or "About" page that provides information about the creators , owners, or the organization behind the site. Look for this page and read the information it provides.
  3. Use a WHOIS Lookup:
  4. WHOIS is a database that contains information about domain names and their registrants. You can use WHOIS lookup services to find information about the domain name owner. There are many online WHOIS lookup tools available, where you can enter the website's domain name and get details about the domain's registrant.
  5. Look for Contact Information:
  6. Check for contact information on the website, such as an email address, phone number, or mailing address. This information can provide clues about the website's owner or creators. Contact the provided email address or phone number if you need to reach out.
  7. Check Social Media Profiles:
  8. Some websites may link to or display social media profiles of the website's creators or owners. Visit these profiles to gather more information about the individuals or organization behind the site.
  9. Search for Online Articles or Interviews:
  10. Sometimes, website creators or owners are featured in articles, interviews, or news stories related to their website's niche or industry. Try searching for such content using search engines or social media platforms.
  11. Use Internet Archive (Wayback Machine):
  12. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine maintains a historical record of many websites. You can search for the website you're interested in and check for information in archived versions of the site, which may include details about its creators.
  13. Check Domain Registration Information:
  14. If the WHOIS lookup doesn't provide the information you need, you may be able to find additional details by conducting a domain registration search with the domain registrar where the website's domain name is registered. This can sometimes provide more comprehensive information.
  15. Contact the Website Directly:
  16. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to know the website's creator or owner, you can try reaching out directly through the website's contact information. Be polite and explain your purpose clearly. Keep in mind that some website owners may choose to hide their information using privacy protection services provided by domain registrars. In such cases, you may only be able to contact them through the contact form on the website itself. Respect the privacy of website owners and creators and only use this information for legitimate purposes.

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