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I have been contributing at Colonist.io for the last year writing maps and helping out answering questions on their Discord. I have enjoyed playing Settlers of Catan for many years and have found Colonist as an online source to play remotely with friends during the Covid Quarantine. I like their concept of being able to play for free, or purchase an expansion and then create and host games with your friends (without your friends having to own the game).

For the last 5 years I have been involved in coaching First Lego League (FLL) as a volunteer. Volunteering as Coordinator for the Robotics Club has been a rewarding experience. We do FLL for the first part of the year, then teach programming for the balance of the year. We are training 5th thru 8th graders to code in Javascript, C#, and OpenSCAD (3-D object drawing). We purchased and built a 3-D printer kit (JGAurora). We are hoping to start teaching the kids to do game programming using Canvas, HTML, Typescript, and Javascript.

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