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Overcoming AWS Lambda Limitations with Fargate

Using Lambda with Fargate helps us to overcome the limitations of AWS Lambda. If you need to run a background process for more than 15 minutes or if you need more storage than 500 MBs, here's how you can do it:

➡️ Lambda function will get triggered based on your desired event source.

➡️ It will ingest the event in the SQS queue, and trigger Fargate to consume the event from the queue.

➡️ Since we'll be doing all the processing on Fargate, we'll overcome some of the hard limits of AWS Lambda.

If you need to downlaod the file up-to 1 GBs of size, do processing and upload it to S3. AWS Fargate will be your go-to choice since it's practically not possible with AWS Lambda's hard limits.

If you have technical questions and suggestions, let's discuss them here, in Github or say hi me in LinkedIn.

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