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Learn about Node.js - Popular JavaScript Runtime ⚡

What is Node.js ?

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript run-time environment that works cross-platform and is open source. Node.js uses event drive and non-blocking models that make this framework light weight and efficient. Node.js package ecosystem - "NPM" is the world's largest ecosystem of open source libraries.

Actually node.js is -

  • A platform that allows us to run on a JavaScript computer or server.

  • Helps to read, delete and update files.

  • Helps to easily communicate with the database.

Why is Node.js so popular?

  • It uses JavaScript.

  • Very fast (using V8 engine and non-blocking code)

  • Open source package has many large ecosystems such as - NPM

  • Very good for real time services such as - Chat service.

Let's know about some features of Node JS:

1) Swift: Node that S's library code execution is much faster.

2) I / 0 Asynchronous and Even-Driven: All APIs are asynchronous which means the server does not wait for the API to back up the data.

3) Single threaded: Node that uses single threaded model with S event loop.

4) High Scalable: Node that S uses an event mechanism that allows the server to respond to non-blocking manners that make it scalable.

5) No buffering: Node that s processing time significantly reduces when uploading audio and video files. So buffering is not.

6) Open Source: Being open source, Node JS has come up with many amazing models that are used to add better capability to Node JS applications.

7) License: It is licensed under MIT.


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Vladimir Chubar

V8 engine :)
And Node.js is not a framework, it is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.