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New Button for, mark article read.


A tampermonkey script for marking article read on Use IndexedDB to store your read list in your browser. So make sure your browser supports the IndexedDB feature.

Q:Why I want to write this script?

A: I often read articles on site, provides three buttons, namely like, unicorn and readinglist. But I want a button to indicate whether the current article has been read, similar to the read function of mailing lists and RSS.

There are some articles that I don't like, unicorn, and don't want to add them to my readinglist. These articles are not useful to me. I want to know if I had read them, That's why I made this button. Just mark this kind of article as read.

Another reason is

My mail subscription list will be repeated. Even though the subject of some mails is different, the articles pushed are the same, which makes me very inefficient. With this button, I open the article link and see if it has been read. If it's read, directly command + w to close the browser tab

The article you have not read.


The article you marked as read.


You can export and save the read list to your local file, GitHub Gist, etc...

Install this script from here:

Source code:

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