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📢 Invitation to Participate in the Survey: "Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement in DevOps Automation" 📢

Dear Community Members,

I am currently conducting a survey as part of my bachelor’s thesis in Business Informatics.

🎯 Purpose of the Survey
The goal of this survey is to identify and analyze the current challenges and potentials in DevOps automation. Your valuable insights and experiences will contribute to a better understanding of existing automation processes in DevOps environments and highlight ways they can be improved using specific strategies and technologies.

⚠️ Important Notes
Please refrain from providing any personal details or information in this survey that could lead to the identification of your company, specific job, projects, department, or any other identifiable aspects. Your contribution should remain entirely anonymous to ensure the confidentiality of all participants.

✅ Participation
Participation in this survey is voluntary, and I deeply appreciate your time and commitment. The questionnaire should take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time.


I thank you in advance for your valuable participation and look forward to your insights, which will significantly contribute to the quality and relevance of my research.

Best regards,

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