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【Redis Week】 - 7 Days Best Practice With Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB - Day01

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Learn best practices of Redis in 7 Days

Day 1 - How To Realize Second-kill For Your Online Business By Using Redis

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This video is in Chinese, and it's free. The contents are suitable for all developers, DBAs and database enthusiasm. For English speakers, we recommended to click the playlist in the end of the video or you can click the link below to start learning directly.
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Main Contents:

  1. Redis I/O model and problems
    😭The I/O model of open-source community Redis and problems it introduced.
    😊The I/O design of ApsaraDB for Redis and how it can resolve the problems of open-source Redis.

  2. Resource competition and distributed lock
    Realize CAS/CAD using string or LUA.

  3. Details of a second-kill system
    Learn how to realize it using a sample.

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