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Product News | PolarDB-X Released on Alibaba Cloud

PolarDB-X on Alibaba Cloud is an enhanced generation of Distributed Relational Database Service(DRDS). It's ideal for those who meet bottlenecks of single instance or single cluster, especially when the records of single table reaches 500,000 or plus that puts the production database on the line.

Comparing with its previous edition (DRDS), the followings make PolarDB-X a better product.
1> Shorter and simpler instance launch path
2> Easier compute and storage elasticity
3> More efficient O&M
4> Up to 40% performance enhancement
5> Better user experience, such as more options to create database

If you are interested in distribution technologies or have relative requirements, you are welcomed to start a free trial right away. Wanna know more about it? Check below.
Start a PolarDB-X Free Trial >

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