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8 Free Resources to Help You Be a Better Programmer

It's 256th day of 2021. Happy Programmers' Day!


1.[Free Course] Web Development with Python
This course is carefully curated by the Alibaba Cloud Academy team to provide you with the foundational skills you need to become a Python web developer. It covers the most popular Python web development frameworks like Django and Flask, and discusses the best practices of Python development using real-world projects.

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2.[Blog] 50 Efficient Code Samples for Java Programming
There are only two kinds of code: efficient code and inefficient code. This article provides 50 efficient code samples based on the author's actual experience and extensive reading of reference materials. We hope this will enable all Java programmers to write efficient code.

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3.[Video] Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB YouTube Channel
This channel focuses on advanced technologies, trends, tutorials, and best practices related to Alibaba Cloud database. We will share our thoughts on database technology and continuously create ApsaraDB related contents to help you achieve more. Subscribe to this channel and don't miss out on our latest updates.

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4.[Tutorial] A Crash Course on the Botpress Architecture
In this article, we will be exploring the open-source project architecture of Botpress, including its file structure, intents, entities, skills and modules. If you haven't already heard of Botpress, it is a highly flexible and useful platform for building chatbots. Many enterprises have used Botpress to create their very own chatbot systems.

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5.[Blog] How to Create an Effective Technical Architectural Diagram?
There are many methodologies for depicting a good architectural diagram. This article introduces the C4 method and shows you how you can create effective architectural diagrams

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6.[Blog] Software R&D Collaboration: How Can We Do Things Better
With working from home becoming a new normal, this article goes over some of the common mistakes during virtual collaboration for software R&D. It also provides useful considerations and methods to remedy these mistakes in order to help you with your collaboration efforts in the future.

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7.[Blog] How Many of the Six Coding Methods Do You Know?
The best method of coding currently available is to use whatever methods that are appropriate, instead of sticking to only a single method. In this post, we'll discuss the six major methods of coding, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each method when applied to different scenarios.

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8.[Blog] Fundamentals of Declarative Application Management in Kubernetes
An argument claiming that "Kubernetes is the new database" has attracted a lot of attention in the Kubernetes community. Zhang Lei, Staff Engineer in Alibaba Cloud and maintainer of Kubernetes, shares his thoughts on what makes Kubernetes similar to a database.

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