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Here's my personal formula for getting into "flow state" or "Tetris effect."

  • Have a problem to solve with code
  • Listen to one of the following:
    • Video game music (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Undertale/Deltarune, something good)
    • J-pop (vocaloid stuff is my jam)
    • Anything future funk, future bass, electro-swing, etc.
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • A container of water nearby
  • (optional) coffee or some light stimulant

Once the stage is set, my mind does the following:

  • What are the first few steps to solve this issue? Do I start by playing detective? Maybe I start writing new module? How about I write a test to account for this bug and the desired outcome?
  • Start working on step 1. If step 2 is already established, do step 2.
  • ONLY focus on accomplishing the task at hand. Nothing else matters. Facebook, Twitter, email, texts, and other notifications can all just go away.
  • Continue until the task is done.
  • Move the task to the CI build, next step, whatever.
  • Grab the next thing to fix.
  • Start over again. What's step 1? Find step one, execute, repeat.

Suddenly, 4 hours pass, and I'll feel awesome :).

Hope this helps!


Or the Orphan theme (Nascent Requiem), from FFXIII!

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