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Favorites: Advice to junior developers

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I've read a lot of articles advising junior developers on how to be successful in this field. When I can I usually write them down or try to keep in my head.

So here are my favourite pieces of advice in no particular order:

  1. Questions are good, so is asking for help.

  2. Break it down and break it down some more.

  3. Communication is key.

  4. Think like the end-user.

  5. Read books about the career besides learning the tools, language or framework, programming is not about writing code only.

  6. Find a mentor.

  7. Take charge of your progression.

  8. Keep it simple.

  9. Learn how to write clean code.

  10. Learn how to read code.

  11. Error messages are your friends.

  12. Exercise.

  13. Focus on the basics.

  14. When you go to a meeting, always bring a pen and paper.

  15. Stop wondering when you will graduate from being a junior, you'll know it when you're out of it.

  16. Embrace change. Nothing is permanent.

  17. Interviews are unfair. Don't let them demotivate you.

  18. You can become a great developer even if you spend your nights and weekends doing other things. Be focused, make those work hours count, and then leave your office and spend your free time out in the wider world.

  19. Contribute to open source.

  20. Write a blog.

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I'd move the 20. to 1st item on your list really :) Followed by finding and keeping a mentor. Have a look around at all the things going on with Eulora and within TMSR and come have a chat on irc in #ossasepia when something catches your eye - there's for sure plenty of stuff to learn while gaining your reputation too (for either doing it very well or doing it poorly, as the case might be, true).


Great article.....
Really good for developers....