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Discussion on: CSS gotcha: How to fill page with a div?

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Michael Puckett

Yeah unfortunately the vh unit is almost useless on iOS Safari. I believe the trick is to use height: 100% on html element and then pass that down to the body and any container with flex or grid.

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Luke Malpass

Yes that only works on items at the top for heros. It doesn't allow you to use it mid-page.

It's a well konwn issue. I solved it just using JavaScript on load to set the height and add data-vh="100" where you can pass in a percentage of the view height then it sets it to pixels after load. I will enhance it to detect resizing from address bar hiding (perhaps if resize happens at same time as scroll) vs normal resizing and sort it that way.

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Lenmor Ld Author

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't get a chance to try this yet on iOS or Safari. I'll test it out and add it to the article