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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v54

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Michael Puckett

I’m mostly self taught! And you’re already an engineer so it should be much easier for you. 😅

I think a good starting point is knowing how to fiddle with examples. One great site for that is called JSFiddle. There are others too. I really like Codepen. If you are curious, you can just change things and see what happens. If something breaks you can just refresh. After that you will want to get a local environment set up. You might want to have a goal of getting NPM installed on the command line and then using Create React App.

The other starting point will be getting good at reading documentation and googling for explanations. I think the React and Vue docs are both pretty good. And I end up on Stack Overflow for specific solutions to problems many times throughout my day.


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Nice one Michael thanks for Sharing.

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Maeling (she/her)

Hey Michael!

Good one, lol! Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to share these recommendations!

Much appreciated!