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re: Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I've been hooked to this platform ever since I started exploring the idea of becoming a software engineer. I'm exci...

I’m mostly self taught! And you’re already an engineer so it should be much easier for you. 😅

I think a good starting point is knowing how to fiddle with examples. One great site for that is called JSFiddle. There are others too. I really like Codepen. If you are curious, you can just change things and see what happens. If something breaks you can just refresh. After that you will want to get a local environment set up. You might want to have a goal of getting NPM installed on the command line and then using Create React App.

The other starting point will be getting good at reading documentation and googling for explanations. I think the React and Vue docs are both pretty good. And I end up on Stack Overflow for specific solutions to problems many times throughout my day.



Nice one Michael thanks for Sharing.


Hey Michael!

Good one, lol! Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to share these recommendations!

Much appreciated!

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