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Discussion on: How snarky are you when responding to recruiters?

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Michael Puckett • Edited on

Ha! I regret to say I have responded with snark or frustration. I can say now, definitely ignore rather than respond.

Their process is so automated and numbers driven, they are basically just bookmarking a bunch of profiles in their database, so don’t feel pressure to respond (but still be flattered you made the cut)

I would turn off post notifications/delete the app from your phone when you’re not looking. And the first line in your bio could say Not looking, just found a great job I love.

If they send a follow-up, press the canned “Not interested” button as a minimal courtesy to get them off your back.

Last thought— lots of people have second thoughts after taking a new position and really diving into the culture, so it’s not unreasonable that they would still include you in their list of potential candidates.

Love culture topics, thanks for posting