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What is your go-to place for looking for remote developer jobs? Why?

mpodlasin profile image Mateusz Podlasin ・1 min read

With an emphasis on why? ;)

What made you chose the website you are most frequently using?

Do you have any issues with your favorite website? Anything you would like to see added?

What alternatives did you try using and why you stopped using them?

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Bill Raymond

As someone who dabbles in software development, I have rarely needed a developer to do a major thing, like build a website or create my app. Instead, I figure out the things I’m no good at or are too daunting for me. These days, I love using Fiverr. They set it up nicely with little gigs a developer offers which is already better than most sites, because I’ve hired developers via bidding sites before that say “oh yeah I know how to do that” and then they don’t and you get a subpar delivery or they ask for more money.

On Fiverr I can find gigs by developers that have super specific skills. For example I could not figure out how GitHub actions work, so there are people on Fiverr that offer gigs like “I will create a GitHub action for you”. I also needed a script written in AppleScript and I found a gig from someone that said “I will automate anything using AppleScript”

My experience has been great, because these developers clearly thought about the few things they are super good at and offer it as a service. While I never pay $5, a nicely scoped deliverable will cost in the area of $100.

If I needed a more flexible full-time or part-time developer, being here in SF, I would probably start with Craigslist and then LinkedIn.

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Daniel Hintz

Great post, excited to see everyone's comments!

Personally, I've been using LinkedIn quite a bit. There are a ton of jobs posted there and you can set up customized email alerts. But the main reason I use it is because it contains a ton of research materials and contacts for the company so you can be proactively engaged, rather than simply submitting the application.

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Mark Smith • Edited

I wrote a couple of relevant blog posts a while back:

Generally speaking I’ve found most of the freelancing websites to be a pretty horrible race to the bottom.

Some of the remote friendly job sites are okish, but generally for english speaking positions, if you live in North America you have a LOT more opportunities.

I really feel like there should be a better way to find good freelance / remote jobs, my experience so far is that it’s really really difficult.

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Daniel Alonzo

Im not working as a remote developer, but im working on become into one. Btw I explain it here - The way to remote work.
I think LinkedIn is a good tool and angellist as well. Also exists a kind of 'academies' who prepare you to work in a remote way, I think are good options if you are starting.

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