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The RX-500

Imagine discovering a device, a handheld about the size of your standard iPhone, at a first glance it appears to be a game device of some kind, along with the device you discover a manual, its not super thick, but it has weight to decide to turn the device on, you flip the switch and you hear the sound of the internal hard drives spinning up and the screen comes to life, the monochrome mini-CRT glows a familiar dark green as words start to pour over the screen some of it is understandable even for the layman however most of it appears to be random information that is unknown to the user.

As you explore the device you see that it appears to be some kind of company device perhaps issued to employees of a company called mouseteck

The manual seems to be a developers manual for writing software for the device as well information about how it was designed, including schematics and concepts used by developers to hot load software directly onto the device.

What will you do with such a device? explore it?
exploit it?
write software for it?

Who designed it?
What is mouseteck?

the adventure begins for the developer at heart, for beginners or advanced software engineers, the RX-500 is a black box of untold power and magick to explore, break or develop for.

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