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Discussion on: What are some co-worker attitudes you dislike?

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Jon Luke Harvey • Edited

I'm a pretty easygoing guy and so I don't find too much trouble with a lot of people. But I've noticed that one of the main ones is I have a co-worker who is easily angered. I don't like being angry, or being around angry people. But half of the time I'm around this co-worker he'll get angry very easily over fairly minute things. Sometimes he'll slam stuff, or just start yelling or cussing vulgarly. Not a big fan. I am unaware of how common this is, but I presume that it is not so uncommon in the world of IT since people have to constantly deal with computers, and it can certainly be frustrating!

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Joe Hobot Author

No its not common at all and it is hostile environment.

Individual 1 probably has some anger issues and needs to solve that before it escalates. Either at work or home..

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