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Discussion on: Developer burnout: This shit is real!

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Dominic Mostert • Edited

I've been burned out for a few months now: I was tasked with building a huge video streaming site from scratch in just two weeks, by myself! Long story short I worked around 14 to 16 hours a day until launch - not to mention all the problems and arguments in between.

Compensation? Nope...

Finally had enough and I will be starting my new job next month! 😁 Better salary, fewer hours and less stress guaranteed.

Your health and happiness is more important than keeping some client or manager happy!

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Premm Krishna Shenoy Author

True that! Health and wellness are really important, realized it over a long period of time.
Fortunately, I have been in firms that emphasize employees to focus on health and take time off at any time if required.
Most of it is a personal option, we can either choose to take up more challenges, upskill, and enjoy the adrenaline or strike ourselves a balance between health and which works for us :D. Happy for you that you found the perfect balance that you need.
Anything becomes stressful/tedious if we keep doing it for a prolonged time.