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re: Programmers that can't type shall be shunned and treated with disdain. VIEW POST

re: Like others have already mentioned, I don’t believe the speed at which characters of code can be produced is a significant bottleneck in actually p...

What prompted me to write this comic was a few instances of truly slow typing. It was my frustration in an interview that the person just wouldn't finish any significant part of the code due to this problem.

The pressure of having somebody look over your shoulder is significant, and you are right to consider this when in such a situation. The frustration somebody feels when watching somebody peck away at the keys is also significant. Both sides must be considered. I'd say it's much easier to improve your typing skills than change the patience of the people watching you -- regardless of how fair this seems.

If you have an IDE that serves your needs, then great, use it. If you need to refactor some code, and you have some IDE wizardry that does it quickly, then by all means, take that approach. I'd suspect that good keyboard skills aid a lot here as well -- shortcuts are not any faster if you spend your time hunting for the shortcut key.

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