Discussion on: Programmers that can't type shall be shunned and treated with disdain.

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Perhaps I implied coding is the issue, but it's not the major problem. I'll copy from my answer to Isaac, typing is required for:

  • writing email
  • entering ticket information
  • writing documentation
  • chatting in slack
  • writing comments
  • asking questions online / searching
  • shell commands / app navigation
  • refactoring code
  • new code

New code is at the bottom, where I think we all agree it should be. All that other stuff occupies a good part of the day.

But even with code, a lot of it is exploration. The faster you can move bits of code around, the better able you'll be to explore different options. Now I don't really care if this is typing ability, or you've become a master of your IDE tools and mouse. The point is that you have to manipulate the computer a lot, and the faster you can do that the better. This applies regardless of the interface you are using.

I'm also assuming that most of the detractors to my comment are decent typists. As I said in other answers, I'm not looking for people that are speed typers, I'm just concerned about people that clearly can't type. A guy doing 100WPM with 50% backspaces also can't type.

Whether you believe it will hinder your job or not, if you can't type reasonably you won't past any interview that involves coding (nor any that involves chatting online). This is a real gateway that programmers have to get through.