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Beautiful Android Apps

This is a list of Android apps I found over the years which have a pretty UI and good UX. I will update it whenever I find a new app that matches these criteria.

  • Bundled Notes: Notes in folders + tags. Especially the animations are really good.
  • Overdrop: It’s a weather app.
  • Routinery: Keep track of your habits.
  • Nyx Music Player: A music player with an organic design.
  • Volume Styles: Customize your volume sliders.
  • Material Files: It’s a file manager.
  • Skit: Provides useful utilities for managing your installed apps.
  • Koler: A replacement for the default phone app.
  • Tachiyomi: Manga reader.
  • Metro: A Material Design music player.
  • Shizuku: Makes it easy for app developers to use privileged APIs.

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