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Discussion on: Adding reCaptcha v3 to a Rails app without a gem

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Felice Forby Author

Hi there! Thank for reading!

Well, secrets from Rails' credential system are read with code that look like this (for example): Rails.application.credentials.dig(:recaptcha_secret_key). So, anywhere you see Rails.applications.credentials..., you need to replace it with how the other secret file like secret_key_base reads those variables. I'm not exactly sure how to do it for Rails 4 though, so you would need to research about that.

I have also used the dotenv gem before, which is very easy to use. You learn more about dotenv here. Basically, you make a file named .env and register any secret keys you need there. Then read them with something like ENV['SECRET_KEY'].

Hope that helps a little bit >< Sorry I don't know enough about the Rails 4 way to do it!