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Discussion on: 6 Things I've learned teaching myself to code.

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Felice Forby

Interesting that you jumped into multiple languages at once! I actually had a really hard time getting the basics of programming when I first started learning my first languages. It wasn't until after I had to learn another one, that I realized there were so many similarities. Using multiple resources was also a big one for me. Thanks for the inspiring post!

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Michael Minshew Author

I think it only worked for me because I had a really strong background in tech. I had been reading programming material and blogs for a few years already and spent a lot of time trying to understand the basics long before I ever jumped into actual programming.

I'm still a novice by far but I'm learning more every day but I know that by jumping into several languages at once it helped me pick up things more quickly in the long run. Thanks for the encouragement!