re: Developers with mental illness. How do you cope with days and weeks where you don't feel you can do anything? VIEW POST


The biggest thing I can recommend (if it is safe for you to do so): share your struggles or at least some of it with your boss. I was recently diagnosed with C-PTSD among other things, but because I've been open w/my boss he's incredibly understanding when I have a need for a mental health day.

The other thing I recommend is focusing on small victories at first. Took a shower? Great! Sat at your computer? Even better! Wrote that first line of code? Doing amazing!

Remember to be kind to yourself -- mental illness is a real, valid thing and you deserve no less kindness than someone who has a broken arm, etc.

Therapy has also helped + antidepressants have gotten me to a better place where I can start to be more productive again (though I recognize this is a privilege). If you have the means I highly recommend talking to someone.

You'll get through this, and you're doing great already. Be well.

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