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Best tech deals Black Friday 2020

morganjustin profile image MorganJustin Updated on ・4 min read

2020 brought us some really crazy things and changed our lives forever. But one thing doesn’t change — it’s Black Friday and it’s still coming! So, let's see what are the best deals (at least for now) to look for.

Update: yes, Black Friday 2020 is officially over, but some of the companies decided to PROLONG their deals as a special request from the customers. One of those companies is SMARTPROXY so check their deal below.

Online Privacy & Cybersecurity

Yes, I’m starting with this. One of the reasons for that is that while you will be shopping online (well, because of the Corona..), you also have to take care of your privacy and avoid such things as data leak of your bank account details. Besides if you’re not in the US but you want to purchase some goods on this BF, you will definitely need a VPN or proxies to do so and save some money. So why not save some extra money with the discounts for these services as well?

As far as we already know, several proxy providers will be making some special BF deals or will provide special codes for a discount on their services. Let’s see:
-Smartproxy. One of the biggest proxy providers in the market with 40 million IPs all over the world. Their services are amazing for business as well as for individual users, especially when you want to get those limited sneakers of your dreams. For this Black Friday Smartproxy offers its new user an amazing opportunity to get 3 months of proxy services for the price of 2 months! You can get this amazing deal by applying coupon code GET342NOW2 when you’re purchasing one of the residential proxy plans (you can choose between MICRO, STARTER, and REGULAR). This deal is prolonged until the 14th of December!

-SquidProxies. Another great proxy service that will be participating in Black Friday and will offer special discounts for their services with the coupon codes that will be provided just before the start of Black Friday. You can also check for the information about their BF deals here.

VPNs can help to hide your IP address, access blocked content, you can also avoid geo-restrictions and firewalls so overall these services can benefit you in many ways. With so many VPN providers out there, here are several options you can check on this Black Friday:
-CyberGhost. This VPN provider offers you a 3-year plan for just $2.25/month this Black Friday and Cyber Monday — plus, you get 3 months free, so all in all not a bad option for trustworthy service.
-NordVPN. This Black Friday NordVPN offers its customers a 2 years deal with a 68% discount + extra plan on top as a gift ($3.71/month). Definitely a great opportunity to get their services.
-IPVanish VPN. They are offering you to save up to 73% and to get your VPN subscription just for $3.25/month.

Tech gadgets Black Friday deals

Next, let’s see what technologies are on sale at the moment and what you can get for the best price offered with the Black Friday deal.
Amazon was one of the first retailers to launch their pre-Black Friday offers in late October, despite the fact that Prime Day took place just over several days before. The early Amazon Black Friday deals are live, running until 19th November, and have included offers across all key categories.
Some other early-bird discounts for various technologies can be found here:
Very — Black Friday sale has begun with savings on TVs and home
Currys — early Black Friday ‘Ready, Set, Go’ sale has started
Sky — 50% off Sky TV packages and 30% off Superfast Broadband
Fitbit — 40% off Fitbit Charge 4 and Inspire HR at Amazon
Virgin Media — Buy Huawei P30 Lite and get Nintendo Switch free (new)
Best Buy: up to $400 off 4K TVs, laptops, headphones, and Apple devices
Lenovo: save up to 60% off laptops
Microsoft: save up to $250 on the Surface Pro 7
Newegg: save up to 54% off laptops, headphones, and SSD cards

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

Hi Morgan!

Woohoo! 🥳🥳🥳

I'm also running up to a 70% off discount on my courses. — 60% off save $150. Learn to build Node.js based automation CLI Apps/DevTools — 73% off save $120. Become a VSCode Power User and learn 200+ tips/tricks workflows like multi-cursors, debugging, & macros — 67% off save $100. If you want to sound professional and authentic while writing technical content for developers, this book/course is for you

Have a great holiday. Learn new skills and make 2021 better. Use your code for good.

Peace! ✌️

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Zoltán Szőgyényi

Hi Justin,

Great list! Perhaps you could consider adding Themesberg's Black Friday deal where Bootstrap themes, admin templates, and UI kits have a 90% discount. There's also only a limited amount of 150 orders.

Themesberg Black Friday 2020