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Execution of JS Code 🧑‍💻👨‍💻

  • Let's assume our code has just been complied, post compliation the Global Execution Context(GEC) is created. There can be only one GEC irrespective the size of JS project.

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  • Inside the Gclobal Execution Context(GEC), the top level code is been executed (i.e Code which is out side the function is executed).

  • This includes variable decleration, functions which are decleared etc.

  • But remember the code inside the function is NOT been executed, it shall be executed only when the function is been call.

Here 1st we should find out What is Gobal Execution context/ Execution Context and how is it important.
  • Enviornment where the piece of code JS Code is executed such as loal variables, arguments passed in etc.

  • In short the JS Code always run inside the Execution Context.

  • As there can be always one GEC , there is an default context where the code is executed.

  • For every function call there is new execution context is created. Which contains all the necessary information required to excute the funcion.

  • Once the Top level code is finished the top level code is executed.

What is Inside the Execution Context?
  • Variable Enviorement

    • let, const, var, Decleration.
    • Functions
    • Aurgments Object (All function arguments that current execution context belong to).
  • The Function get's its execution context as soon as its been call.

    • So all the variables decleared inside the function shall be executed, and these can also be accessed outside the function.
    • This is possible because of the Scope Chain.
    • Scope Chain are the references to the variable loated outside the function.
    • And to keep track of each function it is been stored in Execution Context.
  • Each Execution Context gets this keyword.

    • So inside the execution context
      1. Variable Enviornment
      2. Scope Chain
      3. this keyword

(Note: Arrow function do not get this keyword and argument object insted they can if required use it from the closest parent function.)

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  • Here call Stack comes into picture, Call stack is the place where execution context gets stacked on the top of each other to keep the tarck of where we are in the execution.

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  • Once this is completed it would be removed from stack and control should be passed on to Previous Execution Context return statment from the function will indicate current execution context shall be poped out of the call stack.

  • And thus return statement plays and important role in givinig call to the previous execution context.

  • In the end Global execution shall be executed.

  • The Program will remian in state as is until its finished (i.e Browser window is closed.)

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