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Moray Macdonald
Moray Macdonald

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What's your favourite TypeScript style guide (and why)?

I had an interesting chat with another dev about the pros and cons of different style guides yesterday and was interested to see what everyone else uses.

Personally I like how prescriptive the AirBnB style guide is (with the TS addon, I know it's not officially supported) which really helps with readability across large projects, but I know not everyone likes.

So, what's your favourite? React for the poll, and comment why!

(in alphabetical order 😉)

💖 I like AirBnB
🦄 I like Google
🤯 I like Standard
🙌 I like XO
🔥 I use some other style guide (write in)/I have my own rules

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Bo Andersen

It would be nice if someone would write an article about the different style guides. In my opinion, it should be concise and focus on the layout, rather than the implementation details of the code.

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Moray Macdonald

Agreed! I would love to see such a guide. I'll see if I can find a suitable boilerplate repo that I can experiment with - no promises though ;)