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What's the weirdest easter egg you've left in any project you coded?

Ben Sinclair
I've been a professional C, Perl, PHP and Python developer. I'm an ex-sysadmin. Back in the day, I had a geekcode which I'm not going to share with you. 418 I'm a teapot.
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Because from what I'm told, the Konami code is still cool.

Go on, tell the world.

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Dian Fay

Banana mode.

We were prototyping a dashboard website with gauges giving a visual indication of metrics, and hadn't bothered to source a proper needle graphic when we showed the very first one-iteration-along demo to the customer. Even with all the disclaimers we could give, they got really hung up on the "needle" placeholder graphic being a flat red square. By way of demonstrating the possibilities, our frontend developer replaced it with a clipart banana live. When we finalized the graphic, I added a querystring parameter to the homepage that would change the gauge needles to the banana.

As far as I know, it's still there.

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Jason C. McDonald

In IOChannel, which can print out the value of any atomic datatype (and then some) in any format, I included several ways to output boolean variables (true/false, 0/1, etc.).

One of those formats is bool_scott, which is a reference to a long-running inside joke with one of my developers, Scott Taylor. He would always answer yes/no questions as yay/nay, so guess what that format outputs as? ;-)

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Ben Sinclair Author

Inside jokes that nobody else will ever understand are always the best.

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My TV box services software, our core application on April fools will change all output to random while debugging in order to optimize efficiency, and will change all error messages at random if you opt in. In the code we change true/false to “hell yes” and “fuck no”

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Ben Sinclair Author

As long as this never leaves the "debugging" phase... sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me!

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Massimo Artizzu • Edited

When I was a junior and had quite some spare time, I coded Snake inside a web application. I'm still impressed I could do that.

Another time, during the 2010 FIFA world championship in South Africa, I made the figure of a man playing a vuvuzela appear when you mouse hovered on the top right corner. With its annoying sound on loop.

Then, there was this big red splash screen when a web application started. On April fool's, I made a yellow sickle and hammer symbol appear on the top left corner XD

Ah, I should do these more often...

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Michael Johanson

Our team built an auditing tool for our supply chain organization. Happened to be at the same time Harlem shake was a thing. When you clicked the title of the website, all the HTML elements danced around the screen and played the Harlem shake song. It was pretty amazing :)

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Donald Merand • Edited
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Ben Sinclair Author

I am mysteriously broad-minded.

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Der Sascha

A dancing robot appearing when clicking the middle pixel of a portal logo.