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What's that "company culture fit" interview all about?

moopet profile image Ben Sinclair Updated on ・1 min read

Sometimes when I go for a job, I get a separate, chatty interview with someone vaguelly from HR, which is referred to with words like "fit" and "culture" and "team" and so on. It always seems like just a bit of blarney.

Do companies pick and choose between candidates because of these interviews, and does it matter what you say (as long as you don't go wild and tell them you're a terrorist or anything)?

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This is an interesting topic for sure. I find that these types of interviews can go a couple of different ways. Some are the "So tell me more about yourself?" types of questions and others are really just more of a "How do we get along?" type of interview, after-all we will be spending some considerable time together and it's always good to see if we truly work well together. Although I think a technical interview where I'm placed under some pressure, is a good measure of how I interact with people, even when somewhat stressed.


I'm curious if we'll get any HR people to comment in on this.

The way I see it, the initial interview is the first step to weed through candidates. The interviewee may be looking to see if the person applying actually has the skills they list on their resume, are they actually interested in the role/company and if they are someone they can see working with in the future. Someone can be good on paper but if they are combative or aggressive, they may not be the best fit.

From an interviewee perspective, I'd say be honest, which has done well for me so far (even if I ultimately did not get the job).