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Got a personal a11y-related site? Want to join a webring?

You might not be old enough to remember webrings. If you do, great! If you don't, great! Now's your chance to learn some history that might be making a tiny bit of a comeback.


I stumbled on an accessibility-focussed webring that might interest some people here.

[The] webring is focused on people.
[It] is not interested in listing accessibility companies and professional organizations.
It provides a way for people to discover and learn from each other following the fracturing of Twitter.


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This is awesome. I love that it's focused on people. The tech community is wonderful. I just added the code to my blog:
I cover digital accessibility, advocate for a11y to apply to fellow tech professionals and not just users, real life/physical accessibility, and of course web dev and design.

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Mike Lockhart

Yay webrings, the original distributed federation on the web :-)

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Webrings.. haven‘t seen that in a while. cool!