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The Windows Terminal is a modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal application

It's modern in the sense that it's relatively recent. It's not particularly modern in terms of features.

But as for fast... try to cat a long file in Windows Terminal or run a bunch of dir commands in a loop, and then try the same thing on a Mac or Linux machine. I tried a large file the other day, something that took 0.6 seconds on a Mac took 26 seconds on Windows. 26 seconds! That's not just slow, it's glacial. it's about 50 times slower. You can watch the screen scroll up like you're looking at a dir /w on a PC1512. It's not down to the individual machine's specs, or whether it's running WSL or anything, this is down to the way Terminal works.

I'm sure it'll get better. But it's definitely not fast.


Agree with you ( that's the description microsoft gave ).
Let's hope it gets better.


I've opened a couple of large files in Windows Terminal and Vim. No performance issues on typing or scrolling whatsoever. iTerm2 on my MacBook Pro might be a bit faster.

Real benchmarks would be helpful here. Of course, the Terminal being open-source any lagging issues would be easy to verify.

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