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I like the comments in my feed, but what makes a comment "prominent"? I can't see a pattern to why I see some comments and not others.


Oh, I found it, in app/models/article.rb:31

  has_many :top_comments,
            -> { where("comments.score > ? AND ancestry IS NULL and hidden_by_commentable_user is FALSE and deleted is FALSE", 10).order("comments.score DESC") },
            as: :commentable,
            inverse_of: :commentable,
            class_name: "Comment"

So it's top-level visibile-to-you comments in order of score, which is... wait...

(number of reactions) + (number of child comments / 2) + (bonus) - (spamminess)

and bonus is 2 points for (> 200 characters) and 1 point for including a code block.
and spamminess is 0 for normal users and 100 for anonymous users.

So it's mostly top-level visibile-to-you comments from non-anonymous users based on number of reactions and replies, and the rest is important but uninteresting to general users.

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