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re: We've got a Web Component which, with Prismjs underneath, highlight code and displays it in a styled Mac-like window. We use the component in Deck...

Trouble there is that Mac style is relatively unchanging, whereas "Ubuntu" style is for one flavour, with one set of defaults. Why stop there, why not cater for other DEs? And at that point... why make it about cloning things, and just open it up as a general "theme"?


General theming is already possible. The component exposes multiple CSS4 variables.

With these it's possible to style either the "window container" or the colors of the highlight code.

I think it's handy to have moreover than variables just one parameter to toggle between one theme or the other or none.

But yes why not, once a new "window style" added, why not repeat and adding more. Go big or go home 😉

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