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We've had a few posts about this VSCode/VSCodium difference recently, and I think it's interesting that people are starting to question "open source" as a term, without realising that this is the problem that "free software" already solves.

Even things that adhere to the OSI definition, which is only "official" in that they proclaim it so, aren't really all that free.

Someone recently commented about a site generator that was "open source" but the license forbade deploying it anywhere.

People have been complaining elsewhere on the webs that big companies are using their software in ways they don't like... and yet that's exactly why they chose to use a permissive license in the first place.

I think people don't know what they want.


People have this notion that OSS should be completely free, and that you should be able to do what you want with the source code but that's completely wrong.

You can have an OSS project with the strictest license, where you can't do anything but look at the source code. You can maybe even charge to get a different license still open source, there is a weird mentality when it comes around the term "open source". Way too many myths.


I think people don't know what they want

best comment ever

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