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I use Vim.

If I'm writing something, it'll be in markdown or text, and I absolutely do not want a WYSIWYG editor for markdown, even one that's branded as WYSIWYM like Typora is. I think it has all the same problems as any WYSIWYG editor in that changing things sometimes results in unexpected behaviour and I'd never trust the formatting.

My requirements for most software include: cross-platform and free. Mac apps rarely fit either of those criteria, so I usually disregard them without looking too deeply.

I write stuff at work, at home, and sometimes in other odder places, where I shell into one of my machines and use Vim over SSH. I synchronise the directories using some new-fangled "cloud" technology.

If I'm editing something in a browser that's non-trivial, I'll paste it into Vim, do my editing, then copy it back to the browser. I know there have been some Vim emulators for browsers but they don't help if the page crashes or has some incompatible scripts on it.

I do use the Vim markdown-preview plugin sometimes though.


I know what you mean, sometimes I have to kick Typora into source mode to sort out weird edge cases. You still get a little bit of formatting, but you can see the raw markdown. Thanks for the suggestions!

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