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Moonly weekly progress update #61 - Automatio FAQ/2

Moonly weekly progress update #61 — Automatio FAQ/2

Where is the extracted data stored?

The extracted data can be viewed within the Automatio dashboard and is stored on a dedicated cloud server. It is available in various file formats (such as CSV, JSON, RSS, and API) allowing for immediate access and use.

Can Automatio automate repetitive tasks?

Yes, Automatio features a “looping system” that allows actions to automatically repeat within the parameters defined by the user. This feature simplifies and automates repetitive tasks.

How are the actions performed within Automatio priced?

Each action performed with the Automatio bot requires credits, with some actions consuming more credits than others. Packages containing different credit amounts can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. Credits can also be directly purchased from the Automatio website.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Debug logging on to KDOS WL on mobiles

  • Fixed transactions that are not getting finalized

  • Testing the KDOS WL application

  • Fixed RPC Proxy Issue

  • Fixed issues with the “add” and “delete” announcement setting resolvers

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Moved the discord bot inside the backend due to dependency issues

  • Improved multi-selection by displaying selected values

  • Resolved upsert verification setting issue

  • Fixed get channel ascending issue

  • Resolved collection selection issue

  • Included a default value for setting the channel

  • Fixed role generation sorting issue

  • Included a fetch function if the bot can’t find the guild from the cache

  • Modified the backend initialization flow

  • Included bulk job adding for wallet checker

  • Deployed the moonly-bot v2 to test the server

  • HVB service tested and fixed some bugs

  • Resolved wallet checker issue for new changes

  • An integrated remote logger for the Moonly bot

  • Fixed the “generate rule” state issue

  • Resolved member update event issue

  • Drew a workflow of HVB v2

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Fix Nextjs caching issue on Raffle creation

  • Logic and Resolver to confirm the Raffle Creation

  • The auto reload page is done when Raffle is over

  • Fixed program error parsing on the backend

  • Show NFT tokens on the prize section

  • Tested Sending error when all slots are bought

  • Fixed showing the claim button when not logged in with a wallet

  • Optimized showing the NFT on the admin section

  • Fixed Sol ticket fee showing

  • Added resolver for getting the history of giveaways for the history checker

  • Working on the Front-end of the history checker

Staking as a Service:

  • Fixed Showing the delegate button on the Staking page

  • Created structure for Staking V2

  • Working on Staking Creation Page and Blockchain Endpoint

  • Created prisma schema for Staking V2

  • Created Form for the Staking V2 and the frontend UI

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